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I've been a learning professional for (gulp) almost 25 years.

The journey has helped me identify 3 values that I won't compromise.

Integrity. Creativity. Determination.

My professional journey has allowed me to design instructional programs for almost any group you can imagine. I've created programs for preschoolers who needed computer fundamentals (yes, it's a thing). I've helped design and implement training effectiveness for Augmented Reality tools used by US Marines. I have been as happy lacing up my steel-toed boots to reduce human error on oil rigs as I am presenting to global audiences at conferences and events. Whether I'm developing and delivering modernized learning to graduate students at the University of Central Florida, guiding a small team of National Institutes of Health funded researchers as they deploy their COVID19-response mobile game, or working with a Fortune 500 company as they create a learning ecosystem for thousands of personnel, my three core values are the same. And I practice them with pleasure!

My journey in modernized learning started in a traditional instructional classroom. I taught secondary Language Arts and all grades in Computers.

It didn't take long for me to notice a something: a lot of formal education skips past the brain science that "makes the magic happen".

So, I went to university to study Cognitive Science. While pursuing a graduate certificate in that interdisciplinary field, I met the perfect field for applying my expertise in learning. By earning my PhD in Modeling and Simulation, I became immersed in a world of emerging technology. Throughout my graduate career, I worked in labs where cognitive science was leveraged in complex situations to measurably improve human performance.

The years since my university days have given me opportunities to support learning and training efforts from multiple government agencies and organizations including the Office of Naval Research, the US Army, and Department of Homeland Security. I help businesses of all sizes find learning solutions that fit their unique challenges. I mentor learning & development experts, learning tech developers, and other personnel in this broad field. And everything I do centers on the core belief that every person and every job deserves the best of my integrity, creativity, and determination.

As a consultant, I can give you and your organization the highest level of attention within a pay structure that fits your needs. As a scientist, I pride myself on collecting performance data, so that you will know that our efforts have led to performance improvements. Further, P Bockelman Consulting leverages a network of professionals, so that you are assured up-to-date insights from leading experts in Learning and Performance research.

Want to see if I can help you with your learning and performance challenges?

Set up your free consultation. This session is designed to assure that your 1/2 hour time investment moves you forward on a successful learning modernization journey. I've designed a unique process for getting at the heart of your challenges and identifying possible next steps to empower your decision-making.

Wishing you a safe and profitable journey!



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